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Nintendo 64 Gameshark & GE


Registered Member
Anyone here shark the life out of this game? What are the best codes you found?

I'd say unlocking the Statue and Cradle for multiplayer was the best.. those were some pretty cool maps, and the ammo, guns and everything were already placed as if the maps would have been in the game.

Predator mode was also cool.. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the final game, am I right?

Smooth mode or something, changed all the textures where it almost looked cell shaded.. it was pretty cool, but glitched up at some parts.


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That's still pretty cool.. but would be no fun at all. Are there any pics online?

I still don't see why they took the Statue out of the game.. I mean, it was still in the game somewhere and it worked perfectly.
Statue didn't work well for multiplayer because it was laggy. That's what happened when I tried it. Cradle didn't lag at all, though.


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The best code I found awhile back is a code that adds Simulants in GoldenEye.

Yes, that's right.

The only problem is the only Sim is Alec (006) and it's a little glitchy. Although it is pretty cool to be able to play against an A.I. construct in GoldenEye multi-player.
I remember that. I found it to be pretty disappointing because most of the sims just stood around. It was rare for one to actually fight back.