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Games you sold or gave away but wish you hadn't?


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Have you sold/given any games that you wish that you hadn't?

Games and consoles are a go for this thread.

I haven't but I was talking with one of my friends the other day, he had a huge collection of awesome Nintendo 64 games and he sold all of them except for Mario 64, Mariok Kart, and Ocarina Of Time.

Luckily for him most N64 games are fairly cheap to buy on ebay, at least he made a good deal of money selling about 30 games.

So... have you sold or given away any games that you wish you hadn't?
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New Member
Yeah I gave away my psp games to a mate thinking I would never use the thing again. Now I miss em and want to play them and can't get them back till mid this year :S


Sally Twit
I gave away my PS1 and all my games and regret doing so. Sometimes I'll really be in the mood to play an old school game on there but can't. :(


rainbow 11!
My mom gave my super nintendo and all the games we had for it away. :[


It's not me, it's you.
I gave away my super nintendo and all the games for it. I wish I still had it. My tv is overloaded with how many consoles anyway, but I could have put it in a different room.


Problematic Shitlord
I sold Eternal Darkness for Gamecube because I didn't think I'd miss it that much.

I was wrong.


I traded Home Alone (SNES) for Drakken (SNES). I never beat Home Alone and that's why I regret giving it away. At least if I beat it, I wouldn't care as much... If at all.
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