Games that you would like to see in the movies



What are some games that you would like to see in the movies?

i think the GTA series would be nice and maybe the true crime series also..


agree with you on that. their are some games that were ruined by movies(tomb raider,mortal kombat, super mario bros,ect.) But i think games that are more realistic would make good movies.


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The only game movie I've liked so far is Silent Hill. Everything else has sucked. I always though Devil May Cry would make a great movie (it's being independantly made into a 50 minute film) for Hollywood. Lots of blood, sex appeal, guns, explosions and monsters, a perfect recipe for entertainment. I also wouldn't mind seeing Resident Evil 4.


Half-Life would be awesome I think, I've been waiting for someone to get the balls and license to do it.
Most any linearly plotted games would work for movies... unfortunately, I find less linear games to be more interesting and more fun, so the games I like best wouldn't make for very good movies.


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Often a lot of the movies don't want to be reciting the plot of the game, so they turn into pointless spin-offs (House of the Dead, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within).

Beyond Good and Evil would make a fantastic movie.


Well I think none right now, I was exited about doom when it came out and it dissapointed even with the rock in it, the storyline had nothing to do with the game and they didnt even go down to hell, just talk about the "12 chromosome" arrggg, though half life would be kind of cool though if they made that into a movie.