Games that release on more than one system?


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Everyone has a gaming preference, which do you prefer?

If a game released on more than one system then which would you want it for? (You choose the systems that you talk about)

I'm talking about things like Halo releasing on PC, do you prefer to play it on XBOX or do you like to play it on PC more?

For me I like games a lot more on the PC for some reason they're just more fun, I just really like the feel of the mouse and keyboard while playing games, I'm a pretty big A-S-D-W fan.;)

And obviously nintendo games are only fun on Nintendo consoles so I do nintendo games on Nintendo systems.

So give a few examples of your preferences on this and which system you'd prefer to have a game for.

So what are your preferences on this/


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It depends on the genre really. If its a sports game then generally pc. But if its a fast paced shooter game, then I would prefer playststion
If the game has a multiplayer option, I would want it on PC instead of console. For any game that requires a large amount of time such as RPGs, I would want that on console instead of PC. Everything else can be on PC and I'll be happy.