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3ds Games or Possibilities You Want.


Registered Member
I can tell you right now after playing on this wifi service......a game that has consumed MANY MANY hours of my game play and a game that I have beaten A LOT.....

Phantasy Star Online DS, that would completely own all for me. I love Phantasy Star Online for the GC and playd it for countless hours. I think with the DS, it could work. I would love to see how SEGA could incooperate the touch screen, it would cut time off of the menus, that is for sure.

But I hope that SEGA picks it up again for the Revolution, I was very sad to hear that the third installment got canned from the Cube. I playd that game online and with so many friends that I cant even remember.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I still want Donkey Kong 64 DS, but that wouldn't really take advantage of the online capabilities except for maybe multiplayer. Either way, I want it and would buy it right now if it existed.


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KannonMAK said:
Super Smash Bros Melee DS Online.

That is all.
although i liked the n64 better, that's what i was about to say. Super Smash DS online.


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Sonic Battle DS with Wi-Fi. I freaking love Sonic Battle, but I always have to play alone. But online... hehehe... I would dominate!


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You know what I really want is that game that has been then works (on the nintendo site) where it is basically palm software. It was called something with an S and I think it had organizer in there somewhere. Anyways, cool apps such as that and now with the wifi a web browser would be wonderful.
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