Games on Facebook


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For those of you who use it...
What games do you play on it, if at all?
How long before you give up on the game and go to another? Or do you play multipule games?


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I HATE all games on Facebook.

Almost 90% of them are advertising scams and require filling out surveys or giving away personal information and the rest of them generate dozens of annoying reminders


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I don't know what games you've been playing Cons, i've only ever come across one where it asked me to fill out anything.

I play a couple games on there. A few dice and card games, and then the ones like cafe world and farm ville. There are a couple others I used to play that i've given up on now because I levelled up to much and they became boring.


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I play Farmville. It's a good fill in since I don't have a console to play games on at the moment.


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I play Farmville too. Actually my whole family is playing it. As my cousin put it "A therapeutic family-time game."


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I play FarmVille and Mafia Wars, yet I am sort of growing out of FarmVille considering I've pretty much got everything!
I play them all: Mafia Wars, Farmville, FishVille, Happy Aquarium, Cafe World, YoVille, Vampire Wars and more! I have no life and therefore I cannot die, :p! :lol:
Mafia wars, vampire based mafia wars are two games i have tried on facebook. There was also one application which used to give hair pulling puzzles. But later i have abandoned that application.