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Games Everyone Should Play


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A quick search didn't find anything similar to this, so...what games do you think are games that every gamer should experience. I'm sure we all have our favourites, and there are of course the classics, but what do you think are well rounded, or just so well made that everyone should experience them?

I'd like to throw Starcraft 2 in the mix, but I know it isn't a game for everyone so my nomination would be Borderlands. I just think it's something that is fairly recent that everyone needs to try.


aka ginger warlock
Waaaaaay to many to name but off the top of my head:

Street Fighter II Turbo
Half Life 1 & 2
Command & Conquor
Age of Empres 1 & 2
The GTA Series (including the top down games)
Unreal Tournament & 2003
Duke Nukem 3d
Road Rash
Sonic The Hedgehog
Super Mario Brothers 2
Streets of Rage
Golden Axe

I am sure more will come


AKA Ass-Bandit

Not because it's a good game (it's not), but to tell people "This is how NOT to make a game".


Son of Liberty
Super Mario Bros 3
imo the best platformer ever made. I've never known a gamer that didnt list this game in their top 10 favorite games of all time. Hell for alot of us it was one of the initial games that really hooked us into gaming in the first place.

Command & Conquer / Civilization / Starcraft
Its like... E-Chess. The strategy on these games are through the roof. And what makes them so good is the fact that you can play them over and over, but the same situations wont always happen. Different strategies bring about different ways to win (or lose). The fact that nowadays they're PvP makes for an insanely good competitive experience.
Get over it... sure Pokemon is old... but lets get real here. Pokemon sets up probably the best RPG experience in gaming. I've honestly given some of the most popular RPG's a try over and over and I just cant get into 'em. Then here comes Pokemon... The experience that this series offers isnt unique, you could probably get the same experience better somewhere else. What pokemon excels at is the delivery and I think thats what has helped maintain my short attention span for RPGs in tone on this one.
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
One of my fondest FPS memories came from this game. The Normandy Scene was epic at the time. Looking at it on youtube nowadays really shows how dated it is, but man at release this game was intense imo. I'm sure if I went back and played it nowadays it'd probably be a borefest in comparison to some of the shiny new FPS's we're getting. But as far as WWII Games went, Allied Assault was top notch.
if anything playing MC lets you have the assurance that it doesn't take a multi-million dollar gaming company to create a good game. Minecraft delivers in ways you couldn't imagine, alot like Sims... its out of the box simplicity is what pulls you in, but its in game complexity is what keeps you there. Nowadays almost any gamer you meet knows about MC or plays it. There was no advertisement for this game, just word of mouth. And when you get that much attention via Word of Mouth... you got something good going.

League of Legends / Defense of the Ancients / Heroes of Newerth
This genre is fairly new, pioneered by DotA, sometimes even referred to as the "DotA Genre" :hah: its been made popular by the likes of League of Legends due to its accessibility. These Tower Defense Moba's bring an extremely interesting aspect to gaming. They are almost like a sport all in their own. You play on the same Arena's over and over... but no game is ever the same. Its like watching any other Team Sport... Same Field, different players, different strategies & plays, sooo much entertainment. Sure its not for everyone, but if you are one... These are the kinds of games that have the ability to define a gamer.


I dunno, this is a tough ones. Games are such a personal experience, for every 5,000 people that love one game to death, there's another 5,000 that would hate that game just as much. I highly doubt there is any one game out there that everyone would love.

I agree with some of Ginocks, like AoE 1 and 2.

I also agree with Icegoats Pokemon

I'm starting to think Portal 1 and 2 should be on a list like this. And maybe the Half-Life series.


Son of Liberty
I highly doubt there is any one game out there that everyone would love.

I've never... ever in the last 2 years heard of anyone saying they disliked Minecraft. Theres literally nothing bad about it. Its highly neutral so no Special interest Sensitivity groups can get mad. Its like playing Lego's so essentially its an endless experience. Its PvP, Survival, Creative.... Minecraft is pretty much un-hate-able


Haha, I played Minecraft for about a week with a friend of mine. And I have to admit, I didn't love it. I didn't outright hate it, but I just didn't take to it. Since that week I haven't had any desire to play it again. I even uninstalled it. It's just not my type of thing.

Also, if you type 'hate Minecraft' into FB heaps of different groups come up dedicated to hating Minecraft. Some with hundreds of members each.
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Son of Liberty
Also, if you type 'hate Minecraft' into FB heaps of different groups come up dedicated to hating Minecraft. Some with hundreds of members each.
meh... alot of those are really superficial though. I did google it and I found nothing but dumb excuses for reasons to hate it like "its a fad", "I cant have a shotgun", "Dat Graphix", "only fun because you make it fun", etc.

But you are right... I forgot to take into consideration the internet will find ways to hate everything :hah:


AKA Ass-Bandit
As an extension to Minecraft, Terraria.

It's kinda like Minecraft in that you can build and craft shit, but it's nothing like Minecraft in that it's 2D and focuses more on exploration and adventure*.

*Or at least it was when Terraria first came out


Haha it's true. All the games, movies, bands, books etc that you and I love to death, will always have groups of people who hate them. There's just nothing that EVERYBODY loves, except for maybe... I dunno. Air, shelter, food. Things like that. But a game that every single gamer loves? I highly doubt it.
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