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Oldschool Games Arcades


aka ginger warlock
Earlier this year I was on holiday with my parents. We were staying in a caravan which was nice but the main point is it was one of those places that had a central plaza area with a bar, places to eat but more importantly it had an arcade including video game machines. It had been a very long time since I had been into one I played a bit of Time Crisis 2. I miss arcades, oh sure they are expensive but for me they need to continue.

I remember the first time I ever played Street Fighter Two was in an arcade, I remember the excitement of standing around with others watching two people battling it out, I have never owned a games console at this stage, in fact I am not even sure if consoles were around for the home market to play these games on.

It may be very different from city to city and country to country but doing a quick google search I cannot find an arcade that if I wished to go to I could.

What is it like where you live though? Do you have arcades and if you do do you visit them? Can you remember the first time you went to an arcade? What games did you like the most?


Haters gonna hate.
Ten years ago, I had over twenty arcades within an hour of my house. Now, I only have three, and only one of them keeps up with the quality products today.

However, the first time I went to an arcade, I only actually played Mortal Kombat for the longest time. It was the only game I really enjoyed for the longest time. Not gonna lie, the original is still at that arcade and I play it every now and again when I'm there.
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