Xbox 360 Gamertags...

Alright I have a slight problem.. I created a profile on my 360 with the same name i use on XBOX LIVE.. tmaculous.. BUT... i used a lowercase "t".. instead of a capital "T".. so when i went to register with XBOX LIVE and pull up my gamertag.. it was Tmaculous with the capital "T".. so the 360 made me create a new profile with the capital "T"...NOWW... i played 3 games under my profile with the lowercase "t".. but the game information WILL NOT register with the NEW profile with the CAPITAL "T".. is there ANYWAY.. i can transfer information from one profile to another on the 360????????? i hope so... cuz i got all the achievements for Most Wanted.. and i dotn feel like doing it again...


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Sorry, but I think you're stuck with the name you make at first. I guess the only solution is to go on and learn from the experience not to mess up like that again.


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I wouldn't give up so easy as GameChamp.. :D

Try looking in the hard drive settings and file storage settings. Are you sure you can't just rename your 360 profile?
Ill try and see if i can possibly rename my 360 profile... BUUTT.... I played around with the names for about 10-15 minutes... and i couldnt come up with anything but to just beat the game all over again.. which is NOT going to be fun... what if i dont pick the right marker with the pink slip to the Lambo again... LOL.. im not going to be a happy camper.. cuz that car is amazing..


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Oh, wait, you mean your profile for the 360 itself? I thought you meant for the Gamertag. Well, I'm pretty sure you can change it somewhere. Look all around system settings and stuff like that, if it's there, you should find it.