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Gamer's Blog- unrealphantasy3


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aug 10, 06

here are my battlefront scores from tonight

endor 23k 5d 1cp
kashyyk island 47 5 2
kashyyk docks 66 8 0
naboo plains 65 6 3
theed 43 2 4
bespin platforms 82 6 1
cloud city 42 5 3
spire 68 4 5
kamino 57 8 4

if you habe any bf or bf2 challenges for me, or if you wanna post your own scores, go ahead and do it here. I'll acknowledge the challenges I accept.:D
btw, this isn't really a "blog", it's just kinda of my space where people can see my thoughts on things, and get to know me a little better. If you have any questions for me post em here. I probably won't be able to get to everybody, but i'm sure I'll know the answer!
hey, welcome to NURV Network's latest members, goldendream and pain 1394. :)
what's up, people. these upcoming games are on my watch list
PS2: Phantasy Star Universe
Final Fantasy XII
PSP: Coded Arms: Contagion
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
ATV Offroad Fury Pro
Tekken: Dark Resurrection (yeah, it's already out, I know)
PS3: Unreal Tournament 2007
Half-Life 2 Trilogy (HL2, HL2: Episode 1, and the all new HL2: Episode 2, all on PS3, baby!!!)
Resistance I-8: Fall of Man
Heavenly Sword
Project Offset
Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway
Killzone 2
X360: Halo 3
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
Red Steel

these are the games I'm playing right now
Dragon Quest 8
Ratchet: Deadlocked
Soul Calibur 3 (best fighter I've ever played btw)
also gonna get 100% KH2 completion when I get the chance

how bout you guys? remember, any questions bout anything in gaming or technology, don't be afraid to ask me!
Bad news, Blizzard fans. It was recently announced that after multiple delays, the upcoming Starcraft: Ghost, a third-person shooter from the guys behind Starcraft and WoW, is no longer in development, due to the lack of a publisher/developer, I forget which. For the full story, look on g4tv.com/aots. This game was looking pretty good, too, like Halo meets Splinter Cell, but with a hot female lead and a major sci-fi theme, and even online multiplayer to top it all off. Personally, I think it's too bad, and I hope the game picks up whatever it needs, publisher or developer. Although, then it'll be another year or two, and who knows what'll happen then. Oh well.
Hey people, there is a chat room on this site, and it's a shame to see nobody using it. props to Andrew for putting this sweet feature on here. it's a nice change to just posting messages in a thread (though there's nothing wrong with that). And since gameforum.com could always use more members, why not put a link to the site, or just the site name, in your sigs on other sites? Let's get some more members, people!
ok, so I was playing battlefront 2 on my PSP the other night and started playing Endor, determined to rack up some medals for my new profile. it was insane! I was on fire, killing guys left and right, with the only thought in my head being "get more kills". It was awesome! i got like 8 kills in my first life, and then proceeded to get 78 before the battle ended (and I never used the award rifle, i never even realized it was in my inventory!)

108 points 86 kills 1 death 0 CP (darn :) )

anyway, i think this a bf kill record for me! I can kinda recall a time I got 92 in the original bf, but since I can't remember, I'll count thisa as my all time record. whats yours?
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theres been a bit of conflict about whether or not SOULCALIBUR 3 is worth the buy or not here on GameForum. I previously stated that PSM gave the game a 10/10. IGN gave the game a score of 8.5/10. I personally gave it a
9.7/10. check out my review in the "is SC3 any good?" thread under PS2 General Discussion. :)


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Hey nice blog! :D

I didn't even notice this until now. You should keep in mind though that any member that you see in the newest member area might not have signed up to post specifically at GameForum.com. The stats display members that join the network, which includes 3 other forums. :)


Is BattleFront similar to Battlefield? I play Battlefield 2 now and then but that and Valve games (Half-Life, Counterstrike, etc) are the only PC shooters I really play.


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Battlefront is essentially Star Wars meets Battlefield, with all the soldiers and units from the movies, as well as all the Star Wars vehicles at your disposal. It's really fun, and makes for some great multiplayer moments and online play. availale for PS2, XBox, and PC (as well as PSP w/ BF2). btw, yeah i know not all new members are gonna see my greetings, but whatever. it's the thought that counts! :)


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by the way on good games to look out 4, u 4got:
Metroid Prime 3
Devil May Cry 4 (only for the PS3... maybe 360 i dunno)
LoZ Twighlight Princess
Call of Duty 3
and Smash Bros. Brawl

umm... i need more folks to come to my website and i was wondering if i could post somewhere where lots of people could see it... a little help?


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zelda sure. SSB sure. metroid whatever. as for your site just post thread in generalgaming. in the future my blog shouldnt go offtopic too :)


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srry about going off topic...:D


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PS3 coming in 1 month!!! it seems like just a minute ago i was playing tekken 3 on my ps1. God time flies. Just goes to tell you. One of the most important things in life is do all that you can while you're still young. DOn't be afraid of anything. The universe tends to unfold just as it should. There may come a time when the opportunities you have now aren't available to you. Live life to the fullest, and don't worry about the consequences.

Back to reality, can't wait to kick all y'alls asses in Unreal Tournament 2007 on PS3!



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Have you had some good opportunities come up recently? :)

As for the PS3, I'd be very interested to see how the Rainbow Six games are on it compared to the 360. ;)