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PlayStation 3 GameFly


I thought I had made a thread about this already but the search turned up nothing.

Does anyone on GF use GameFly? Do you like it?

I used it for a handful of months back when I got my first PS3 back in late '09. I thought it was decent, the games shipped fast, huge selection, updated all the time. A few times I wasn't able to get the newest games because they were all rented out... but that didn't happen very often until the end.

I'm thinking of signing back up. 2 games out at a time for $22.95 - pretty good deal. I was averaging about 6 games a month back when I had it... at Block Buster that'd be around $60, unless you rented two at a time and got the deal... but that'd still be $45.

There are a lot of games coming out this spring that I'm looking forward to playing, but not exactly sure I'm willing to shell out $60 a pop on every single one of them. This way I can rent them, beat them and send them back without killing my wallet. :lol:
Opps, I should've done this in General Gaming. Can someone move it?
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Son of Liberty
Nah I dont use it.

I'm not much of a Grinder when it comes to gaming. I prefer personally to have a game and really be in depth with it. Like for instance the AC Series. I'd been playing AC2 for almost 3 straight months. Mag... I played that for 10 months! I'm sure when I get Socom 4 in it'll be the same deal... if I'm not on it for just under a solid year I'll be surprised.

So for a gamer like me... I dont think Gamefly is really all that worth it. Not when I can buy used games and turn around and sell 'em on ebay for a marginal profit :D


Yeah, I tend to be the opposite. Unless it's an Uncharted or a Heavy Rain... beating the main game and collecting a few trophies is enough for me. So going by that, it's definitely worth it. I can bust out 30-40 games a year. Haha. But I definitely understand where you're coming from.
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