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Game Cube Gamecube reliability


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Strange. So far, the PS2 has wroked best, Xbox works second-best, and Gamecube worst. One of my Gamecubes simply stopped working with time. My Xbox has only had small problems with reading disks, and my PS2 remains flawless.


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KannonMAK said:
where are you moving to DK?
To the United States of America, in a few days actually : D

And as for the reset button on the cube... now that I think about it, I think I MAY have spilled beer all over it one Super Monkey Ball beer and pizza night.

So I'm not entirely sure I can fault Nintendo for that one. :stare:


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The system worked really good for me.. never any problems. I think the disks had pretty poor graphics.. especially compared to the Xbox.


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I bought a gamecube at launch, and returned it the next day. Nintendo really brought me down. One statement describes the system and that is, "It Sucks!" I feeel really sorry for all of you who thought that it's has better games and a better controller than the PS2. I'm glad that I bought a PS2, and can't wait for PS3. There are other games like Zelda, Mario, and sonic games that I liked, but come on those games pretty much are what keept the system from ruin. It seems that Nintendo should perhaps leave console gaming, to the ones who know how to run it. Even Microsoft who came in with their first system kicked Nintendo's ass. Alot of Nintendo fansboys are going to be pissed when they finish reading this. But face it guys, Nintendo lost, and tired games like more Mario games, such as: Mario soccer, Mario baseball, and Mario Football games that they keep coming out with, shows why Nintendo lost it's touch. It was nice knowing you Nintendo, but there is a new king (Sony) in town!


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Good to see a Sony fan here. :) Welcome.

I wouldn't say Nintendo has lost it's touch.. just misplaced it. They are dominating the portable gaming industry, but lately haven't had many good games that are exclusive.

I'd like to see them come back personally. I'm all for corporate competition, and I think it's nice to keep all of the big gaming companies on their toes. I think Nintendo and SEGA should form an exclusive agreement, and merge. SEGA doesn't make systems anymore obviously, but their games were always great. I think a joint venture could help them both regain some lost footing.


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gamecube_down said:
I bought a gamecube at launch, and returned it the next day.
Why would you buy a Gamecube at launch and return it the next day? That makes no sense at all. And I definitely don't agree that Sony is the "new King."


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Sony is on top, I'll give them that. I love my Nintendo with everything I have, though. X-Box is last for me, but that's only because of a lack of games that interest me. The only game I play on XB that I can't get anywhere else would be Halo, everything else I buy on XB because it's a little prettier.


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Xbox is on top for online gamers, Sony is on top for single player gamers. I don't see Nintendo or Sony matching the technology of the new Xbox ive.