PPV Game: The 6 remaining 'unknown' participants

In the official Royal Rumble thread MJ gave us the link of the 24 superstars who will be in the Royal Rumble --(411mania.com: Wrestling - Updated Royal Rumble Card)--. That means 6 were not mentioned. In this thread, I would like you to name (guess) the six remaining participants yet to be named.

Whoever comes the closest in guessing the six remaining participants will get... a huge thumbs up! O_O;

Here's mine:

1) Edge
2) Booker T
3) John Morrison
4) Matt Hardy
5) R-Truth
6) Dolph Ziggler

Edge and Booker T will be my two mark out moments, while the others are the obvious choices. Of course, there is still Finaly, McIntyre, Shad, JTG, Hornswoggle, Chavo and... anybody else I'm missing. Hehe

So, who are your 6 'unknown' participants?