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Game of the Year (2017)


What was your game of the year?

What was your top 5?

Biggest surprise?

Biggest disappointment?

My game of the year was Prey. I absolutely loved it. It was like Bioshock and Dead Space all smooshed together. The ending was pretty great.

The rest of my top 5 would look like this...

2.) Resident Evil 7
3.) Dead By Daylight
4.) Mass Effect: Andromeda
5.) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

My biggest surprise? Definitely Dead By Daylight. It has no business being in my top 5, but I sunk a killer amount of time into it and loved every second. It quickly dethroned my beloved Friday The 13th as my favorite multiplayer horror game.

I think my biggest disappointment is a tie between Horizon Zero Dawn and myself. I am disappointed in Horizon Zero Dawn because, well, it was disappointing. Haha. And the reason I am disappointed in myself is because I for some inexplicable reason spent $60 on the boring pile of garbage that is Destiny 2. Oh well, I've never been good with money. Haha.

2017 was a pretty decent year for games and if everything goes right, 2018 should easily blow it out of the water with Far Cry 5, Red Dead 2, Spider-Man, Detroit, God of War, Days Gone, System Shock and The Walking Dead: Final Season just to name a few.