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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by SuperMarioFan777, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. SuperMarioFan777

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    Here is one/another Game Maker thread.

    Here you can ask for help on, give thank you's for help on, give help on, chat about, give nice as possible complaints, give compliments on (%If rules/staff/both will allow%) %Post examples, games, tutorials made by% etc. stuff made by Game Maker and even Game Maker!!

    How do I get it to where when ObjectHero (Object0) collides with ObjectBattle1 he goes into battle like in Breath of Fire (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and fights either two Wizards, one Wizard one Keno Hater, two Keno Haters, one Wizard, or one Keno hater?

    I am using Game Maker 7.0 unregistered.

  2. MusicJ

    MusicJ Registered Member

    I think RPG Maker is better... Its simpler, but everyone has their preference, lol
  3. Spoonweaver

    Spoonweaver New Member

    well I think O.h.r.rpg.c.e. is better then both of them

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