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Wii Game Gifting


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Nintendo has announced that friends can now buy VC titles for friends

snippetfrom gamespot:

gamespot said:
Also today in Japan, the company unveiled a new channel for its console which will allow Wii owners to give Virtual Console games to one another as gifts.

"We think this will be a breakthrough in encouraging customers to spread news of fun games via word of mouth," Iwata told the AP. "We also hope to spur more users to connect their Wiis to the Internet." Such statements stand in stark contrast to Iwata's position during the GameCube era, where he said that consumers were averse to consoles with online functionalities.

Unfortunately, no further information on the Wii game-gift channel was available as of press time. Nintendo of America reps said they had no further details, but urged Nintendo fans to "stay tuned."
I'd love this option, if I actually had someone to give them to!

I have many wii friends, just no one to gift games to


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That's a pretty cool idea. This is a good time for them to announce this as well, with the holidays coming up.

So can you give a VC game that you already have purchased to a friend, or do you have to specify that friend as the recipient when buying the game? Otherwise that would be a cool way to let friends "borrow" VC games. They could just "gift" them back to you when they were done with them.


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if you want to give someone a game you can become my wii freind and give me games that would be nice of you.


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ah man, dont be a mooch, Im willing to give out stuff, specially if the game is cool, but dont bogart the doobage


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I was just joking :) you said you had no one to give them too.


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transfered, you mean sent to another system? Right?

Well you can share
your personally created Mii's
pictures from MP3 and Mario Galaxy
friend tokens from MP3
you can write people letters
when ssbb comes out you will be able to do video
I think there is some more, but I cant remember right now, I have only really used it for MP3