Super Nintendo Game Genie


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The Game Genie was the man.. that guy could make an old game fun again.. or ruin the challenge. Anyone here have it?

I remember screwing with Mario World a load back in the day.. it was so rewarding. A lot of the time you could put in random stuff and it would do something crazy to the game.


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I had a Game Genie, but ended up selling it. I didn't really use it or have that much use for it. I've always been into kicking a game's butt the old-fashioned way.


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there always reason to beat the game regularly... but when you know every nook and cranny, a Game Genie is actually fun to use.

be it Infinite lives, Ammo, or things like moon jump... All fun if youve beaten the game.

I actually have 2 for the orinigal NES that allows me 6 codes instead of 3!


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Okay, question for ya then...are the Game Genie's different than going online & finding one of those sites that gives you all the cheat codes to get those different things? Or are they basically the same?


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A game genie actually alters the code inputted from the game into the system, to give you things like unlimited lives, moon jumping, larger character/stats... among other things not programmed into the game

A site like gamefaqs allows users to exploit whats already in game. Some devolpers put codes into the game for people to cheat (classic Konami code for example)

two completly different things if you ask me!


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The Game Genie could also be used to make games harder, like one hit kills your guy, you only have one life or limited ammo or things like that. They were great little add-ons, but I never used mine all that much.


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Wow... old topic.

I still have the game genie, don't really use it though, I lost the stupid code book, but I'm sure that i could find the stuff online that i need.