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Game Console Wars!

Which Console(s) did/do you own?

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Bit of a misleading thread title really. I didn't see this anywhere so I'm sorry if it's already been done.

Basically, this is a thread to show which of the above Video Game consoles are/were the most popular among GFers (it's multiple choice), and which was your favourite and least favourite.

My favourite had to be my Game Gear. I just loved the fact that I could take my games anywhere (at the time - now it seems rather bulky) in full colour! In contrast, my least favourite was my original Game Boy. It wasn't anything to do with it being Nintendo, I just never really got into any of the games I had for it.


Oh, poppycock.
My favorite that I've had has been the gamecube 'cause at the time mario party was amazing. Also gameboy because i love pokemon. I didn't really like the ps1 'cause even then the graphics to me were horrible.


yellow 4!
At the time, I loved the Sega Mega Drive. I used to play it with my brother aaall the time. I also loved my Gameboy but only for the pokemon game :D I don't play games anymore :( so I have no idea what my favourite console would be. We have a PS3 in the house so I ticked that one even though its not 'mine.'

My least favourite was the DS, though it's not on the list.

(I also had a PS1 but I didn't click that one, by accident.)

Edit: Ohh yeah and the Wii is another of my favourites but not there lol.
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Endangered Species
I've owned most of those listed, but my favourite is not listed there.

The console which entertained me more than any other, the one that got me into gaming in the first place. The first mainstream multi-million distributed system. The daddy of the video-game conole. The Atari 2600

Where is the Nintendo Wii?
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There's only enough room for 15, and I only realised the Wii wasn't there when I posted the poll :confused:

Why did I put MegaCD instead of Wii? D'oh!
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Endangered Species

Also NES and SNES deserve to be different.


I'm not sure if I could pick a single favorite console. Everyone I've owned has had at least a couple of amazing games. I guess I would be tempted to go with the PS2 mainly because of it's ridiculously long life and the massive number of games for it. The N64 was also great in my mind, despite the fact that it's considered a commercial failure for Nintendo. Some of my favorite games of all time were for the 64.

I can easily say that my least favorite console is the X-Box 360. I've gone into detail as to why I don't like it a number of times on here, so I won't bother to again. Essentially it's just not my 'cup of tea' if you will.


What, no one's ever owned a Sega Saturn?

Actually I can't speak because I've never even played a Sega Saturn myself just the Sega Genesis. But the PS1, PS2 and N64 games have been my favorites for a long time especially since I have like 30 PS2 games.