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Games Game Concept: Halo meets Metroid


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I saw this fan art today and I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit intrigued by the concept.

I think there's an extremely small chance, if any, that a game like this would ever exist.

Samus Aran and Master Chief going on an all out rampage to save the world? It's a game that people would purchase just to have even if they weren't going to play it.

Given that Samus Aran is owned by Nintendo and Master Chief is owned by Bungie (is that right? Microsoft probably has some licensing rights to the character), the likelihood of an alliance game like this seems impossible.

Would you buy this game though? I know that I sure would.
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When Metroid Prime first came out, people always tried comparing it to Halo. There would be all these arguments on message boards over which game was better. I never really understood it. The games are almost totally different genres.

While I do think it would be kind of cool to combine two of my favorite game franchises, I'm not sure how the stories would fit together.

All the Halo licensing is owned by 343 Industries now, which I believe is owned by Microsoft.


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I think that the main thing Halo has going for it is the epic action while Metroid focuses more on atmosphere and puzzles. I see the potential to have a pretty cool combo game there. You'd have puzzle solving areas as well as intense fights in others.

I do agree that Metroid Prime and Halo are very different games, there's no question about it. I don't like Metroid just because it's Nintendo, I like it for the way the game is designed.
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