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aka ginger warlock
I on occasion play texas hold-um poker with friends. We don't play for massive amounts. Usually a fiver each with six players so you don't end up broke if you loose but its a nice little amount if you win. I very rarely play for more and occasionally play the lottery but do you gamble? Are you any good at it? Do you play cards? bet on horses go to casinos?


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I only gamble with my family. We used to have this tradition of playing cards "dealer's choice" so it can be a variety of games, invented or classical, that involves shelling out money --- not big bucks. We take hours to play and even up to the next day. We do it for reunions. It's been a long time since I participated because they live far. I kind of miss it.


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I play Texas Hold Em, but mostly for fun. Only rarely do I play a small game for money, usually $5-10 buy-in or so.

I also enter small pools for the NCAA Tournament and college football bowl season. Again, it's only for about $5.


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I am not old enough to gamble but i have a few times. as soon as I am old enough I probably will but not too much. I have won two dollars before when I found a lottery ticket in a grocery parking lot, Ya Jackpot!:cool:


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Occasionally i'll play Texas Hold Em for money with friends/family but it's only ever $5 buy ins. Most of the time I only play poker for fun. That's about it, really. Occasionally I used to play on the pokies (slot machines) at the pub with my sister, but my luck on those things sucks.


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I've gambled a little bit, but not much. I don't like most card games other than Blackjack, which I'm alright at.


The last gamble I took was buying Crysis 2. I lost. =(

The most gambling I do is buying the occasional scratch off ticket. I mainly buy them for fun and a slight bit of entertainment rather than thinking I'm going to hit it big. Luckily, I'm not the type of guy that gets addicted to gambling. I remember when Grand Theft Auto: SA came out I kept re-loading and re-loading time and time again when I was betting at the horse track. That taught me not to do those types of shenanigans in real life since there isn't a re-load button I can use so I can reclaim all my lost dough.
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I've always been partial to gambling, I play a hell of alot of poker online, not for large amounts of money but it certainly does build up.

I also bet on FOOTball and other sports events and occasionally put bets on with friends.

As long as you can afford to lose, there's no problem.


Sultan of Swat
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Very rare that I gamble. I'll go to the Casino from time to time, but I won't spend more then 60$.

Also like Echoes I enter sports pools, most hockey runs. They run me about 30$ each or so. I also put a bet on the Super Bowl this year, spent 100$ on the Packers which I won.

One of my good friends is addicted to gambling on sports, he puts a bet at least five times a week.