Gambling with God’s Money


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We all know that our currency says In God We Trust...and God doesn't approve of gambling.
We of course use God's money everyday including in gambling. With that said..
When churches hold Bingo games in a church do you believe that is gambling? Seeing that it's in a church
do you believe he would see it as gambling? Or would he consider it ok because the money goes towards the church?

I'm on the fence for and against it as being gambling... What do you think?


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I’m curious how you know for sure God doesn’t approve of gambling? Traditionally, this has been taught in church, but it’s not technically in the Bible (if we are talking about Christian beliefs).

In general, I think the Bible would imply that gambling money that you can’t afford to lose would be unwise, and having a gambling addiction would be wrong, but I don’t think gambling in it if itself is automatically wrong. It can be a fun pasttime just as any other form of entertainment.

Gambling with the goal of making a lot of money (and certainly if you are being dumb with how much you are risking), however, is not wise. And gambling addictions definitely ruin lives. If you can’t gamble without getting addicted or chasing your money, you should not gamble. According to gambling odds, you will not make money by going to a casino in the long run. How do you think hey can afford to pay for those lavish halls? 😉