Gallon Challenge Anyone?


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No, not beer. I'm talking about the gallon milk challenge. Basically, you have one hour to drink a gallon of milk.

Have you ever tried this? If so how far did you make it, or were you able to complete it?

Or did you end up like these guys?


I haven't tried this ever but I think I might be able to complete it. I think that's the problem though. Most people who attempt it probably think they can make it. :lol:


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Haha! I found that video pretty funny. I laughed when they started being sick :shifteyes:

Anyway, I would give it ago, but I know I would just end up like them guys.

It looks like a lot of fun.


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Back in high school, my senior year me, our running back and a linebacker were going to try and but never got around to it. Whatever in it makes you want to puke, I don't know.


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I freaking LOVE milk. I would definitely try it. But probably couldn't do the whole thing.

Haha, they should do a contest like this at a meetup.


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I have seen someone try to do it before, he didnt make it...and everyone had there phone in his face filming and taking pictures of him....he is a giant guy so i thought he might be able to do it but i guess not

...Your body cannot produce enough lactate to counter the lactose in milk. Take some medicine for people who are lactose intolerant shortly before attempting this and it might work!


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I've never attempted to do this, but I would like to try, I don't know if I would be able to complete it though since that's a lot of milk.

Can I trade the milk for beer :D
I love milk, so at first this sounds easy. Then I watched the video and read about how it's disgested slower and there's simply not enough space in your stomach over such a short period of time for so much milk... and in conclusion, I would definitely not try this. That video is gross towards the end :lol:


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I remember thinking that I could probably do this. Then I see every single person in the video go under. :lol:

I wouldn't even try it now because it's a waste, plus i haven't thrown up since the second grade and I'd like to keep it that way, those guys really throw it all up.

Kind of remidned me of family gy.