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Gained Weight? 50% Chance You’ll Be Dumped


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Gained Weight? 50% Chance You?ll Be Dumped

This shouldn't be surprising to most people, and I'm sure most of you have seen this happen at least once in your lifetime.

I don't know my feelings towards this since it's never happened to me before, so I really can't say what I would do in the situation. I'm sure it's different if it's your girlfriend and not your wife though.



Problematic Shitlord
It's not surprising because of how shallow this culture of ours is. Everything is image, naturally image is going to bother people.

Then again, the survey was made in part with Cosmopolitan and the only trashier rag than Cosmo is sitting at the bottom of Paris Hilton's bathroom waste bin. So naturally you're going to get this kind of vapid response.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am not surprised either; that's how the world works for whatever reason. People care more about appearance then they do about anything else. It's ridiculous, especially if you've been with someone for a long period of time.


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I doubt that is correct. Based on my observations of my friends almost all have gained weight and kept their significant other.


No Custom Title Exists
Our society has never been shallow as they are now. Ugly people have the nerve to dump someone because of their flaws and physical looks. It's just amazing how our society operates.


Babeasaurus Sex
Ok so fundamentally we know it is wrong to be so shallow but lets think about everything,

If you date someone who is a consistent size throughout most of their adult life and then they gain weight to a point where you notice, then the chances are they have noticed which probably means they're sad about it.

The problem is how you react to it. You could try suggesting more outdoors stuff to do together or buy in healthier food.

dumping someone over it is a tad harsh, however, dumping someone because they're depressed and not active and insecure makes some sense.
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I've gained, my husband has gained.....it happens as you age. Both of us look fine. Admittedly, esthetically I wish his chest and stomach were more toned. They're a little too soft for my taste. I wish also that he would cut down on junk food, soda, and inactivity. At 52 his heart and vessels are of primary concern.

Certain amounts of weight gain are equated with leading to health problems. Aesthetically, I don't know many that would be happy with an obese partner when it hadn't started out that way. But moderate amounts are natural.
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A Darker Knight
Some people get in shape to attract others, and when they do find someone, they just let themselves go. I still maintain the belief that staying in shape is a lifestyle choice and doing it to impress others is not the correct motive, and it won't last.

And I thought it was a universal fact that people gain weight in relationships. haha Except in rare occasions where both people are health nuts, being comfortable and happy inevitably leads to some added weight.


Registered Member
I thought most people gained at least a little weight after they've been in a relationship for a while and are comfortable around each other. I find the statistics in that article hard to believe, because I know plenty of people who have gained weight during the course of a relationship, and don't know a single person who was dumped for it. If they dump someone for gaining weight then there are probably a lot of other issues in the relationship already, and that was just an excuse or the last straw.


Registered Member
Well, I think it all depends. People always say "if he/she loved me she would take me for who I am". I don't think that is always fair. I have a few girlfriends who really let themselves go. THis wasn't gradually weight gain from aging. It is from making extremely poor eating choices and not working out - at all. I honestly do not think in these cases they should be surprised if their relationship suffers. I think in a healthy relationship you want to look attractive to your partner (within reason, I'm not talking about going cosmopolitan crazy) and if i were with a man who put in ZERO effort at all, and let himself go, I will not feel shallow if I start to lose some feelings for him.

Again, I don't mean the gradual weight gained as we age, that is natural, and most people in a relationship with a person they love never notice. But come on, a woman who was a size six when they start dating suddenly gets into this ultra comfort zone and starts eating a lot of junk food and not exercising is bound to start losing some attractiveness after awhile. And it isn't all just about the weight, its the lack of any kind of drive to be healthy.