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Gah! Bloody PHP!


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I keep getting this error at unbelievably inconvenient times. Sometimes it'll clear away in seconds, sometimes it takes 10 mins to buzz off.


I haven't had that error and I am sure that it is being looked into.


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Staff member
I may have fixed this last night. I have my fingers crossed.

Has anybody had this today at all? If you get it again then report it here so I can look into the server logs and check if anything odd happened at the time of the error.

I tweaked some things last night that should also make the site run smoother with less pages loading only halfway or loading blank pages.


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So far it's running a heck of a lot smoother. I love it. Thanks Brix.


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Actually, the only problems I've had for the last couple days is with my own network.

So things are going pretty smoothly on this end. :p


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Epic failure: PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 7D6210C8