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Gaga or GagMe Fans


Registered Member
Bringing GaGa back up in the news, did anyone see the Top 10 Most Influential Women??
Lady GaGa made the top 10~
Michelle Obama was in first place, and Oprah came in second...but GaGa beat out many other populars...including Sarah Palin.....and others I can't remember their damn names now tho~


I would not have my daughter if I had one know what kind of person that she is. She is a bad influence on young ladies, she always look like trash, and she is always looking like a hooker. Like her music though :)
I don't think she's a bad influence. She has this weird style but I'm sure she has a better influence than...let's say...Paris Hilton who doesn't appear whorish in the way she gets dressed, but she's more of a whore than any other singer lady out there.

Speaking of trash, there are more trashy singes like Ke$ha for example and I wouldn't consider Gaga to be that bad.


Registered Member
Me either Elly.......GaGa is quite talented.
I enjoy her music....I don't care for some of her outfits, but that's just me.
When she became 'hot'.....and her video Paparazzi came out, I was a bit taken aback, because I didn't like the way I thought she was mocking the disabled....(crippled walk, wheelchair, etc.)
But then I watched an interview she did on the Larry King show, and while I rarely ever watch Larry King, but because GaGa was on, I watched.
It changed a lot of the way I felt about her....I found I was judging her for her crazy ass videos, and I should not have been.
She is intelligent and as I listened to her talk about her childhood and such, I realized......I was being too hard on her, and I wasn't even getting myself a chance to listen to her talents.
Now, I listen to her CDs in my car all the time.
Her real name is Stephani....that's my daughter's name.
And GaGa is beautiful....but she can go overboard......I sure as hell wouldn't be wearing meat *haha*...but hey, if she can do it, more power to her :)
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