Gag Reflex


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I have no gag reflex hardly. Unless I'm raging drunk, and not even aware of my surroundings, I don't puke. I can shove my finger into my throat and still not puke its really wierd. I have one friend (not pcorps =P) that pukes at the site of his own puke. The first whiff of disgusting smell, and off to the toilet he goes.

So how easy is it for you to puke. What kinds of things make you puke? Have you ever not made it to the toilet?


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I could throw up on purpose if i wanted too. I use to do that before I had a test in school. The teachers thought that there was something wrong with me.


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I wish I could throw up on command. I throw up if I have too much dairy or get carsick. Other than that, the finger thing only sort of works.
I can't and don't throw up, I havn't in a loong time. My gag reflexes really kick in when something makes me feel REALLY sick like the blue stuff you sometimes get on coins, for example. But it doesn't make me throw up.


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I throw up occasionally if I drink too much, but other than that I never do. When I drink a lot and then ride in a car, watch TV, or close my eyes I get really dizzy and nauseous and I'll have to make a trip to the bathroom...or side of the road.


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I have a terrible gag reflex. I don't actually usually throw up, it's just my gag reflex keeps me from eating a lot of things.

My gag reflex is so bad that I can't even eat more than 2 and a half pieces of pizza (which I love) even if I don't feel full at all.

I really hate it. People get onto me for being picky, but I really doubt they'd want to see me try new stuff and end up gagging, which is the way things go.


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I have a very over-active gag reflex. I don't puke, just gag. Just the thought of spewing makes me gag. The smell of something rotting or the smell of spew. When i try to skull a drink back. When someones talking about a disgusting story. The smell of other peoples shit/farts. The texture of some foods when i eat them... And a lot more I can't think to list


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I have a hard time brushing my back teeth as it makes me gag quite a lot. I have to hold my breath a hell of a lot when brushing my teeth to stop me from being sick.
It's the only thing I can think off that brings me close to throwing up.
I can get travel sick in cars but I usually just feel sick and don't actually throw up. I've come extremely close to throwing up on a coach once. We were on there for just over 4 hours and I was so glad when we got off.