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GAA or Save Percentage


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What's more impressive - being the leader in Save Percentage or GAA&

For example, let's pretend(for the sake of this thread) that Rinne was still the leader in GAA. What's more impressive - Price .935 SV% or Rinne' 1.97 GAA?


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I've always taken more stock in save percentage than I have in goals against average. I feel that SPCT is more of an individual stat while GAA is more of a team stat.


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Tricky... very tricky. Like say last night in the Avalanche/Coyotes game. The Coyotes had like 15 or so shots. 2 goals scored. That makes for a shitty SV% but a decent 2GAA (except it was split between two goalies).

The thing that you really need to look at for SV% is Shots against/games played (minutes played (divide the minutes by 60 to get games)). Last I checked I believe Price was at 31 shots per game vs Rinne's 28 shots per game.

I read last night that if the averages remain the same, when Price matches Roy in games played, he will have 3,300 more shots faced.

Price: 2,699 minutes. 1,334 shots against. (44.98 games) = 29.65 shots per game.
Rinne: 2,532 minutes. 1,197 shots against. (42.2 games) = 28.36 shots per game.

Price is facing 1.32 more shots per game than Rinne. The fact that Price's SV% and GAA is better than Rinne's just goes to show that Price is having a greater season than Rinne. Even if the difference is by one thousandths.

I don't even look at wins and losses... cause then it just gets worse. Nashville is scoring 2.95 goals per game while the Habs score at 2.57 goals per game. That means Rinne can still allow 3 goals and have a good chance to get a win. Certainly considering the Preds average 31.9 shots per game and allow 28.7 while the Habs average 28.3 and allow 30.3.

I need to stop... if I keep going. Price is going to end up looking like the son of Zeus!