G U E S S .. W H A T ?


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Milestone Thread!

2000 Posts!!! And 10 Stars

I joined on 7th of July, and I have gotten 2000 in 10 months

Thank You,

I thank my mum, my dad, I’ll thank god but I am atheist :p :lol:

It has taken me ages. But, I’ve finally got here, as many of you would agree that 99% of my posts contain Spam. But meh.

Took me ages to do it today, like 7 hours and 7 posts to go. Didn’t know where to make posts, since I am not a MD man. And have been interputted over MSN, while browsing FC.

It’s awesome to be the member of the ‘2000 Club’

As for 3000, It’s going to take me ages.

FC is the second forum I've have reached 2000 on.

Reps & Gifts appriciated