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Handling FWD emails from friends/family:

  • Request to Stop

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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I hate when people just FWD random stuff to me like daily jokes that I don't even find funny or "if you don't pass it you're cursed" type of emails.

From time to time I'd get an email that is offensive, inaccurate and makes the person who sent it look like a stupid bigot. False stories or just stupid rantings that circulate on the net.

Assuming you get these type of emails from a person you'd call your friend or a close family member (even if you have asked him/her to refrain from doing it before):

Do you:

A: Ignore the email. Bin it.
B: Send another request to the person to stop sending that kind of thing to you in the future.
C: Click 'Reply All' and rip the email that was forwarded to you to shreds, line by line.
D: Put person on your spam list, blocking all other future emails (no matter if the person does send you important ones at times).
E: none of the above (pls. specify).


In need of Entertainment
Usually depends what the subject is and if it looks interesting, otherwise it goes straight to the virtual trash
I can not, and I repeat, can not stand these e-mails. They drive me absolutely crazy! I don't see why people forward them, they are so pointless, and they destroyed e-mailing for me. God I hate them.


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My mother does this to me on a daily basis. It irks me to to no end but there are a couple that are worth it. I despise getting WMV files in my email and any of those auto get trashed. I set up filters.


Ms. Malone
My dad sends me forwards, most of them are jokes but i'll pass on the nice ones; he sent me one about the troops in Iraq once so i passed it on.


The Original Kiwi
I used to get them from some people pretty regularly but I asked them to stop and they did. Now I'll get one from someone every once in a while, but since I know they are screening them pretty heavily, usually 80% of the time it's funny or at least slightly interesting. Since it doesn't happen very often, I just delete the ones that are stupid.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
There are no words for how much these used to get to me. I even once made a forward about not sending forwards when I was about 14. Hahah that's actually made me want to find it in my sentbox.... I wonder if it's still there.
Well aren't you in luck? I managed to find a version of it.

Angsty teenage version of myself said:
Hello i am once again attempting to stop people sending uneccesary forwards
out to every person who has to cycle through a load of bullshit before
hiting the delete button. I was unsuccesful before and will probably fail
again but what the hell? and since I am a big lover of irony why not attempt to stop forwards with a forward? This is actually attempt 3 but I have been prompted to re send since I didn't come on the internet for two weeks and when I returned there were 20 forwards waiting for me!!!! so this is my retalliation to all the forwards and Im mailing it to everyone whos name is on the forward for either sending or receiving.

Firstly you see that you have some mail and you think oh wow I hav been
mailed, could this be the end to my bordem? but guess what? its some load of shit about how if you dont send this message on to atleast 20 people you are cursed with 30 years bad luck. well I call your bluff you sick twisted
people who enjoy causing minor annoyances to other people. also as you read that pointless mail you are probably being infected by a virus to disrupt your computer and all your data, now isn't that sweet?

secondly I esspecially hate the ones that try to guilt trip you into sending
it on, " My friend died for love blah blah boo hoo" everyone has their own
tradgedies I dont need to feel bad about other peoples outside my own life.
Sorry if I sound like an ass hole but if every one who had experienced some
hardship in their lives made an email there would be no more tears to shed.
so its not like I dont care about your pain but for all I know you deserve
everything you get so dont whine.

Thirdly the forwards that attempt the whole paranormal aproach. the ones
that usually have this as a subject "this really works dont delete". guess
wat? it dosnt work and u shudnt do anything but delete this piece of turd.
Im also sick of being told that if I dont forward this i will be haunted by
some pissed off ghost. If I was a ghost I could think of much better things
to do than haunt some one who was actually clever enough to delete it. If
anything Id be haunting the people exploiting my death to get some fame on the internet.

Oh yeah and this new "hotmail" one thats floating around saying that the
servers too crowded and those who dont receive the email will have their
accounts deleted. Its absolute bullshit, probably spreading a virus. If it
really was from hotmail it would have the butterfly symbol thing on their so
stop trying to save my email from being deleted and ACTUALLY save my

And finally, I cant believe some people buy into all this crap which brings
me to the reason of why I'm really sending this email. I get forward after
forward after forward, many of them the same mail all from different people
who either think I care or are afraid they will have bad luck. WAKE UP the
emails cant hurt you, and most people dont care. The only humane thing to do is to delete them instantly. That way noones time is wasted and you are doing something to make the world a better place. You are removing atleast 5 seconds of needless annoying effort from many peoples lives and you should be proud.

So back to the irony of all this, if you agree with me forward this mail
onward and when u get sent it back delete it. That way once everyone's seen it once it should stop circulating and if my message has got through then no one will send any more forwards therfore you will, only have emails that actually concern you? sound like fun? then do it! and if you actually like forwards and just by reading this you have been offended then delete it and never speak of it again. Im not lookin 2 piss you off jus make the inbox a more pleasant place to visit. Thanks for your time and I commend those of you unsung heroes who delete forwards everyday without sending the burden onto anyone else.

AJT - a man who has deleted so many forwards its not even funny any more.

PS. While writing this mail I received three forwards.
Ah to be young and think you can change the world :lol: I copied this word for word so some of my idiotic abbreiviations are scattered in there. Now I shudder at using "2" to say "to".

So yes in short I do hate forwards and I delete them instantly and never read them.

EDIT: For anyone who's actually bored enough to read all that, sorry about the weired formatting. I don't know how it happened it was just a result of copy and pasting.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I just got one that has this as title: "Don't read if you will not forward later"


I wanted to reply with a blank email and just "Don't send shitty emails" on the title.