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  1. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't think Future Gohan should have not been killed off like he was it was too easy, and to quick. I also believe it would have been awsome to see how it would have been it Trunks would have been killed and Gohan be the sole survivor of the Z warriors in the Future Timeline, what do you guys think?

    And yes I realize you guys probily think I am Completely absessed with Gohan!

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree he shouldn't of been killed that easily, especially that he the present timeline he could of easily defeated the Androids and he was younger then Future Gohan, but i dont agree that he should been the one who is the sole survivor, because Trunks need to develope is potential and that's how he did it.
  3. Gohan didnt have the guidance that Goku gave him, like in the RoSaT.
  4. True but he was mor fierce and more confident. :D
  5. He wasnt really more fierce, but confident maybe, seeing as how he was basically the only strong warrior left, out of the Z-Fighters.
  6. JLI

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    :mad: Gohan Shouldv'e never ever died...I almost cried when he did. :'( I'm Serious. Ack....well Trunx did.

    Gohan is awsome......one of my Favs.
  7. Well if he didnt die then he could have went back to the past, instead of Trunks.
  8. That would have been absolutely awsome to see Future Gohan doing everything Future Trunks did.
  9. Maybe Bulma could make him another arm as well, since they had more intact facilities.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    It would of ruin everything if it was Future Gohan, because Goku and the others would easily know it's Gohan, but when Future Trunks came only two people knew who he was, Goku and Piccolo by the time he left.

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