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Discuss Future Cell Phones


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At the rate cell phone technology has been evolving, it's hard to imagine how future cell phones will look or function. What do you think cell phones of the future will be like? Do you think Google Glass will take off and replace cell phones or do you think Apple's wrist watch cell phone idea will stick?

What have you heard and what do you hope to see in future cell phones and smart devices?


aka ginger warlock
I have been using an iPhone 4 now for the past six or seven months and at this point I cannot imagine using anything but an iPhone, I will be getting the iPhone 5s in december as I can cancel my contract and take out a new one right away.

At the moment so many phones seem to be getting into a battle of the cameras such as the Nokia with the 41 Mega Pixel camera or the Samsung with the 10 times optical zoom. For Nokia it will be interesting with the deal going on with Microsoft and I am still undecided as to if they deal with Nokia and Microsoft is for the better or for the worse. I find it kind of sad to see Nokia the way they are, they owned the market for so long and now they seem to be falling behind but who knows, Microsoft may change all that for all we know.

As far as Google Glass is concerned I have not seen it and I really don't know much about it, I am not really interested in the technology - yes it is smart but would I want to use it? Probably not. As for the whole wrist thing from both Apple and Samsung I am not sure how well it will do, its kinda cool and for a lot of Star Trek junkies I can see it being a big hit to mimic the sort of action seen in Trek.

For me it comes down to something simple: I want my phone to be my phone, I do not want it to be in the form of glasses, I do not want it on my wrist, I want it to be a physical device that works in the way it does at present and lest we forget a fine example of combined technology that is marked under "you should have known better" I present you with this:

'nough said.


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The smart watches seem like... I don't know what!? On the one hand several companies are making their smartphones larger, I guess to make watching TV or movies on them better, then on the other hand they are making them so small (smart watches) that I just cannot imagine what they'd be good for. Possibly one use would be for joggers and so on to monitor their heart rates, speed and so on?! But, I generally just don't understand why people would want a smart watch.


I am the woolrus
It's impossible to predict how incredibly awesome phones, and pretty much all gadgets, will become once nanotechnology goes mainstream. Nokia did an incredible concept video a good few years back that I remember blowing my mind quite a bit! It's pretty ambitious, but even if only a part of this is actually achievable, it will be pretty amazing.

Nokia Morph Concept (long) - YouTube
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