Fused Glass Art


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Is anyone here experienced in producing Fused Glass Art?

I have a kiln and access to various types of colored and textured glass, but I have not really explored this method yet.

Does anyone here have any experience with it?




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Is this along the lines of a stained glass window type of art or are we talking a glass sculpture or model made up of various pieces of glass such as small decorative furniture items etc?


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No I don't but it does sound cool. Glass has to be heated up past 300 degrees Fahrenheit just to melt and fusing it together with other pieces of glass does sound cool. I wish that I knew how to do this. What is it used for? Or is is just a fun thing to do in your spare time?


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I've made one piece so far - from scratch - and have also melted down a bunch of beer, wine and whiskey bottles.

The wine bottles come out looking very flat. After they cool down, you can paint them with a silver or gold type of paint and then bake them again. When they are done, the bottle can then be used as a personalized cheese platter - perfect for cutting your favorite cheeses on while you sip on another bottle of your favorite vino.

Champagne bottles tend to work better for this because they have a wider base and flatten better.

The piece I made from scratch is a candy dish modeled after a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. At least it looked like the GGB before it was fused. Now it's just a multi-colored candy dish. Oh well.