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~Fur Phallice Warmer w/Stand~


Registered Member
And none of you bid? Gee Valentines is right around the corner! :lol:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well I guess noone wanted the fur willie warmer..:lol: :lol: :lol:

Better luck next time :D


Registered Member
Well, I think the asking price was definitely a hinderance. A penis muffler? Who knew? This would make a great funny gift but not for $400. I especially like the "instructions" on how to care for it. What a hoot!


Registered Member


what? no pink?
well you never know, it just might be what someone has been looking for. you know that one item that you always say if you could ever find it........

fathers day. lol I like that one.....for the dad that has everything? I would hope some poor father wouldn't get this from his kid! :D


Registered Member
Oh man, I never thought of a kid giving it to the father...LOL! I was more thinking along the lines of a wife giving it to her hubby.

But hey, you never know...Eskimos might shop on eBay too!