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Amusing Funny Youtube Videos


aka ginger warlock
I have been thinking about posting a thread about this for sometime now so thought it was a good a time as any to start it.

I think a lot of us on here use YouTube and some may use it for the same reason I do, I often go onto to it to find videos to make me laugh or at the very least make me smile when I am feeling blue. Below are some of the videos that work for me, which work for you?

Bully Cat and the Box - The Translation - YouTube

Cat vs Printer - The Translation - YouTube

Magic Otter - The Translation - YouTube

Penguin vs Diving Board - The Translation - YouTube


Free Spirit
Staff member
I thought the second one was the funniest. Video's like that make me miss having a cat around to liven things up. They can do the silliest things.


Well-Known Member
The second one was pretty good. I agree.

I posted this one in sub talk a few days ago. But now that we have a thread for youtube videos in general I figured I should share it again. It's quite comedic and incredibly musical.

How to Use a Public Restroom - YouTube

One of the best I have ever seen! :)