Movies Funny Things You've Noticed In The Warriors (1979)


I ♥ Haters
The Warriors has got to be my favorite movie of all time, its definately in my top ten. Vermin’s delivery of the line “Who wants to hide?” was simply epic. Cleon, Vermin, Ajax, Snow – I loved all of ‘em... However, there are some things in the movie that just made me laugh uncontrollably, and I’m not even sure these were intentional “goofs” per say. There are so many unintentionally hilarious things in this movie. I’m just gonna point out a few.

- The Baseball Furies fight scene, if you watch carefully there’s a member of the Furies just standing idle, doing nothing with his back turned, just waiting to be smacked with a bat.
- Just before Ajax gets arrested, the female cop says “Looks at those muscles. I bet the chicks love those muscles.” Hahaha!! That line had me in stitches. Can I get some nachos to go with that cheese? LOL.
- In opening credits, the gang members are paying for their subway tokens :lol:
- But the best part is when they're being chased by The Furies, and leader has his teeth bared like he's taking the most painful dump of his life.

Did you guys catch anything like that?
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