funny situation, help me take advantage of it?

Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Justanotheridiot, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Justanotheridiot

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    First off, nothing that is going to happen is going to harm me at all. They are good friends, and are just playing a friendly, if a bit mean, prank on me. BUT!!! I got wind of it before they expected me to. Now, if you please, help me take advantage of this situation :)

    Alright guys, I just got wind at school today that a group of my friends are going to "ambush" me sometime within the next week. They have done it to some of my friends, who have, after it was over, decided to join them in terrorizing other friends. The words I heard were "HECK YEAH DUDE I was freaking out! I heard them yell put your hands on the ground and saw austin laying down doing what they said! But then a few moments later they started laughing and I knew it was some of my friends." and then I heard my name mentioned and they said they were planning on doing it to me within the next week. Now, I'm known as one of the kids who kick's butt, and I'm in gymnastics so they know I'm fairly strong. What would be the best, and most hilarious way of using these to my advantage to scare the shit out of my friends when its.. possibly.. 5 or 6 of them, and 1 of me? Thanks for the reply.
    And, also, to expand on this *butt kicking* thing, I was taking, but quit kyokushinkai about a year before High school started. In that time I also tried a few lessons in aikido, and they all know this. So, generally, people who mess around with me end up on the floor or what-not, but its all fun and games and we all laugh about it.
    Sorry for the bleep, switch in heck with the ****
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  2. PretzelCorps

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    This is off-topic, but wtf is with High-School kids pretending they can single-handedly take out an army in a fist-fight?
    Heck is a bleep? Heck heck heck. :lol:

  3. monster

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    Hmm, what about keeping totally silent? And just glaring at them, until they react in some way. If it is negative towards you, tell them you dont want to get in a fight, but if you have to, you wont be the only one to get hurt that day. That should give them some hesitation!
  4. Shaggy

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    Just take a cricket bat to school or something like that....and walk around with a big cheesy arse grin on your face...that might work.

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