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Funny Pet Videos


Does anyone have any funny videos of their pets? Or even just any videos. I've recently been taking videos of my animals on my mobile phone and I took a really funny vid of my lizard before... trying to eat my bedding.

Here's the video

YouTube - Bearded Dragon Eating Blanket

It takes a very short amount of time to put things on youtube so feel free to post any of your own pet videos.


Ms. Malone
Awwww, aint he just kyuuute!! :wub:

I caught the Iguana eating tissue, just never on video. Reptiles are weird.

I have this one of my brother's ferret:

YouTube - Hungry, Hungry Ferret

I would have helped but i was too busy pmsl.

And...this one of my two:

YouTube - Ferret on the Toilet

I also have one of Muppet trying to steal a whole pack of toilet roll, that's only on my FB though.


Registered Member
Ok...here's a vid I made in NY of my cats Zen and Loki. Not really that interesting, I just thought Zen looked like he was dancing.

YouTube - Cats vs Window