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    I know there's an actual thread for this, but these are pretty subtalky, and such.

    So I was bored and couldn't sleep so I popped onto omegle Omegle

    After many times of getting asked 'asl' and saying '22/m/canada' and having the contact disconnect. I played it up as a female. But a ditzy one. Here it is

    Stranger: m or f

    You: f

    Stranger: im a m

    You: nice to meet you m. Whats it like in the middle of the alphabet? I rather enjoy being closer to the front of the line myself

    Stranger: its great

    You: Something both ends eh? Just the way you like it?

    You: Me too ;)

    Stranger: cool

    Stranger: u horny

    You: like a rhinocerous

    Stranger: im a giraffe

    You: you have to do the splits to get a drink of water?

    Stranger: definitely

    You: sweet

    You: That excites me

    Stranger: good

    You: What other animal describes you

    Stranger: any kind of extremely horny animal fits me

    You: So like a stegasaurus then?

    Stranger: u can read my mind

    You: oh you beast

    Stranger: yes i am

    Stranger: do u hav big tits

    You: I like to think so

    Stranger: u wanna blow me?

    You: If I do, will you generate electricity?

    Stranger: it depends

    You: I could probably do a good enough job to get your turbine spinning and the juice flowing. Probably power las vegas for several nights

    Time to try another one.
    This was an amusing one also

    You: hello

    Stranger: hey

    You: long time no talk

    You: how ya been?

    Stranger: pretty good

    Stranger: and u?

    You: oh not too bad, wife's doing okay, kids are growing up fast

    You: how's your old woman?

    Stranger: yeah shes still a bitch

    Stranger: but hey, what can you do

    You: I seen your brother john at the bar the other night. Sorry to hear about your father. He was a good man, didn't deserve to pass away like that

    You: I tell you what you can do, you gotta slap the bitch. Keeps em in line

    You: I can show you some excersises to get your bitch slapping hand in top shape.

    Stranger: that sounds good

    Stranger: did john tell you about his new buisness?

    You: The one with the pornos?

    Stranger: nah, he imports dolphins

    You: Yah, I wasn't too impressed. He got some pretty ugly ass chicks to star in them.

    Stranger: the porno thing didnt work out

    You: I can see why

    You: So now he's doing imported dolphin porn?

    You: That blowhole must be tight eh?

    Stranger: nah, its just the dolphins, wheter they go on to make porn fils isnt his worry

    You: Ah I see, strictly import. Makes good money eh?

    Stranger: very good

    Stranger: but he doesnt spend any

    Stranger: tight ass

    You: So hows the web design business treating you? Getting lots of work these days?

    Stranger: yeah its ok, i did the website for the band yeasayer

    Stranger: things are going well

    You: That's good, I'll have to check it out sometime.

    Stranger: you still running that little coffee shop?

    You: Oh yah, my coffee literally costs an arm and a leg

    You: haha, just a little joke I have with my customers lawl

    You: I hold up a saw instead of telling them the price.

    Stranger: nice

    You: you should see the looks I get.

    Stranger: a really funny guy hey

    You: You bet ya haha

    You: Where you staying at these days? Next time I'm in town, I'll have to get together with you for a beer.

    You: or 2 or 3, or 12

    Stranger: sounds good

    Stranger: 12

    You: haha, where you at though. You guys still living in the same place?

    Stranger: yeah we live on ruck street

    Stranger: the big whit eone on the end

    You: Sweet, I'll have to drop by sometime. I'm down in Houck, Arizona myself

    You: Right on the highway. With the bus depot there, I get tons of clients

    You: or customers rather

    You: Nice thing about bus customers, since they aren't regulars, I can change my prices as much and whenever I want, and no one knows the differences

    You: slow typer eh?

    Stranger: get in contact sometime, my email is - [email protected]

    You: haha, see ya

    Stranger: bye!
    a little bit of shameless plugging, and apparently the other person had the same idea.
    You: hi you should check out this forum


    You: wide variety of topics to discuss from video games to sports to just about anything

    Stranger: nah

    Stranger: no thx

    You: hahaha
    You: hello

    Stranger: hiya

    You: I found a cool website


    Stranger: whats that then

    You: its a great forum for discussion tons of different stuff

    You: *discussing

    You: You should come check it out

    Stranger: what kind of stuff

    You: anything, video games, politics, sports(wrestling, football and hockey mainly), religion, and theres some sections where you can just shoot the shit with people

    Stranger: you f/m

    You: It's lots of fun and the people are great

    You: F

    Stranger: age

    You: 18

    Stranger: from

    You: Canada

    Stranger: cool

    You: Come check out the site, and if you join make a intro thread saying where you're from, so I know how to find you, and friend you

    You: Just say you're from Omegle

    Stranger: you single

    You: Yah, I'm single, just recent

    Stranger: oh sorry

    You: meh, he ended up being a jerk, it was for the better

    Stranger: ok

    Stranger: you up for some fun

    You: what kind of fun?

    Stranger: sexy fun

    You: what did you have in mind?

    Stranger: anything at all,whatever u like

    You: Well, I'd love to cyber, but I only got a short time left on the internet, and I promised my friend I'd recruit more people for the sight. So if you wanna chat more, just come join the site

    You: and just say your from omegle and I'll find you there.

    Stranger: is it private

    Stranger: or public

    You: there is private chat,

    You: but you gotta get 10 posts first

    Stranger: you not wan to just cyber here

    You: Can't gotta keep recruiting for the site. Just come join the site, and I can chat with you on there, while I do the recruiting here.

    Stranger: ok

    You: what name you gonna sign up with, then I can find you

    Stranger: gimme a minute

    Stranger: i'll use scottyboy

    You: kay, hopefully its not taken. once you sign up, just make a intro thread in the introductions section of the forum, and just say hello, i'll come find you, say hello. and you can get your 10 posts in there, and then we can just private message each other

    Stranger: cool i'll get on it

    You: alrighty, i gotta go from here for now, so talk to you in just a bit

    You: chow!

    Hmmm, i wonder if he'll actually join.
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  2. amjhdrummer

    amjhdrummer It fell off.

    LOL watch- he will and then see this and leave... LOL. I just went on the site (I hadn't ever heard of Omegle until I saw this) and the first 3 people that wanted to talk to me wanted to know if I was a horny girl. Horrible! Got into a decent convo w/ some guy now though...
  3. Tucker

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    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: tuck

    You: tuck

    You: srsly?

    Stranger: omg

    You: srsly?

    Stranger: yasrsly

    You: gf

    You: ?

    Stranger: gf?

    You: you is faker?

    Stranger: general forum gf?

    You: omgggggg

    Stranger: :O

    Stranger: no wai

    You: bex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Stranger: hahaha

    Stranger: yaaays

    You: wooters

    Stranger: uhh, now what
  4. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    when did that happen? haha

    Also, we need a girl to go talk to scottyboy and pretend to be the girl I was pretending to be.
  5. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    :dunno: Few months back; not completely sure. Been kind of a blur, tbh...
  6. Impact

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    My Omegle experience:

    Thats the most interesting way of asking if i'm a horny female that I got...
  7. amjhdrummer

    amjhdrummer It fell off.

    That's ridiculous!
    It seems like that's all people want to know is if you're a horny female or not. One guy I was talking too last night (claimed to be)- was 19/m, and we started talking about Poverty and stuff, going to third world countries and helping out- it was pretty deep :) ; but i guess that's going off topic of the original reason of the thread. -Sorry!
  8. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    there is no such thing as off topic in subtalk. Stop blaspheming.
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