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Funny nicknames for cards***WARNING OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE***



People make funny nicknames for their cards, what ones to you have.

Some of mine are
Black Luster Soldier Envoy = Bleak Lackluster Soldier - Envoy of the Unimaginative
Dark Sage = Papa Smurf
Hungry Burger = The Krabby Patty
White Hole = Michael Jackson’s Explicit Deleted

More to come later...

EDIT: No obscene or unecessary language.


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

Nobleman of x'out: Obliterate Herold
Evacuation device: Ejaculation device
pot of greed: pot o weed
yata: old faithful
exodia right arm: unecessary language removed
kuriboh: unecessary language removed face
premature burial: premy
jinzo: jizno
jinzo(tin): tinzo

L1 warning to this user for unecessary and offensive language.


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

Haha. Dekochi is the "Scary Wagon"


l 7SIN Sasori l
Re: Funny nicknames for cards

Necrofear - unecessary language removed
Ojama Black - racist reference removed
Scapegoats - You unecessary language removed(if you play it)
Mystical Space Typhoon - MST (Mother unecessary language removed Thunder)
Magician Of Faith - My unecessary language removed
Kurinoh - Kuriunecessary language removed
Snatch Steal - Gimme unecessary language removed
Nimble Momonga - Flying Squirrel
Cyber Jar - go...BOOM
Dark Ruler Ha Des - Hades
Gemeni Elf - Sexy unecessary language removed
Fiber Jar - RE....START
Injection Fairy Lily - Another unecessary language removed
Giant Orc - fat unecessary language removed

L1 Warning to this user for unecessary and offensive language.


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

Hahahaha. My friend calls Mefist- Mystic Swordsman. Its funny.


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

I got more.

Waboku = Jehovah’s Witnesses
Shadow Spell = Bondage Gear
Newdoria = Berserk Hobo
Injection Fairy Lily = Pump Shotgun
Solemn Judgment = God says NO unecessary language removed
Ojama Black = Randy Jackson
Ojama Yellow = Paula Abdul
Ojama Green = Simon Cowel
Ojama King = Richard Simmons love child
Last Turn = The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Nobleman of Extermination = Bubba says BEGONE!

More when I feal like it...

L1 warning to this user for use of unecessary and offensive language.


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

*Chokes from laughing to hard...dies*

Solemn Judgement-To hell with you!
Winged Minion-Your baby
Pot of Greed (Weed)-Smoke it!
Pot of Avarice-Hitler
Magical scientist+Catapult Turtle, Last Turn+Jowgen, Yata+no field, no hand (useless hand and useless field), or any OTK=
(The Strategy's name is)
Begins with an "F",
ends with a "D"
and includes the vowels
"U" and "E"


Re: Funny nicknames for cards

Dekoichi = Train
Magician of Faith = Mof
Don Zaloog = Donny Z
DDWL = Lady
Cyber Dragon = Cydra
Mobius = Mobi
Chaos Sorcerer = Sorc
Pot of Avarice = Hitler Pot
Pot of Greed = Pot-o-Weed
Sinister Serpent = Snake (ok, so that's part of it's japanese name, but w/e)


Registered Member
I'd have to say Pot Of Greed since I call it Pot Of Weed. And Pot Of Avarice is know as Hitler Pot because of the mustace.


King Tiger Wanghu=Meow Mix
Koriboh= Furball
Winged Koriboh Flying Furball
GX1 Wing Koriboh=Blinkey
Beserk Gorrilla=King Kong
Silent Swordsmen lv 5 =Cloud
Mystic Swordsmen lv 2=lil Shanker