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Funny/Horrible things you've said as a kid


Sally Twit
My parents always tell me stories about things I said or did when I was a child. Some of the things make me cringe and I can't believe I said or did them.

When I was seven I told my mum she was selfish for having me because I didn't ask to be born. She said she has never forgotten that and it really hurt her. I felt awful when she told me!

My sister used to suffer from arthritis and she was always in the hospital. One time when we were going in the lift to take her to physiotherapy there was a young boy in there that had cancer and he had lost all of his hair. Apparently I said at the top of my voice 'MUM, why is that boy bald??'

And the only other thing I can think of at this time is my dad told me we were on the bus once and I said very loud to him, 'Daddy, why is that boy brown??'

I honestly wish they didn't tell me any of those things!


AKA Ass-Bandit
When I was a baby, mum made me mac & cheese. Turns out I chucked it on the floor because I hated it or something, and it upset her.

And now I like mac & cheese (somewhat). Must be making up for my actions.


Registered Member
I can't think of anything I said when I was a kid, that was funny or horrible.
If I had said something horrible, I would of gotten in big trouble!
And I am sure I never said anything horrible or negative towards my Mother...but I can recall thinking to myself, so it was my head only that heard it, how much I hated my Dad.


Registered Member
When I was around five my mother and some of our family were having dinner with her new boyfriend. I took it upon myself to stand up and announce that he slept in my mothers bed the night before. I obviously disapproved. :)


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
When I was young, my best friend across the street had a cat that was killed by a car. I guess when my parents told me not to mention it, it made me more inclined to (because I doubt that I would have otherwise!).

That day, I said "Hey, ______, let's go look for dead cats!" I also took two of our action figures and said "This is your cat, this is the car!" And smashed them together!

I don't remember it at all and it does make me feel bad, but I was a kid. I like to think that I was hoping to make him feel better by joking about the situation, lol.


When I was a kid I always thought God was a man and was married to another God-woman and that angels were their children. In Albanian, we have 2 names for God - one female and one male [but both refer to the SAME God]. I didn't know these names referred to one God and I thought they were 2 different Gods married to each other.

Regarding the french kiss, I didn't know it's supposed to be only for couples. I always wanted to kiss my parents that way and one day I asked my mom [while I was watching a movie where a couple was french-kissing each other]: "Why don't you and I kiss like that..?


Registered Member
The only one that my parents always remind me of was when I was around 8, myself and a few friends were out playing after a bad storm the night before and we across a huge puddle, being kids we started playing in this puddle.

When I got home I was soaked from head to foot in muddy water, my clothes were covered in mud and my mum had that look on her face that meant I was about to get a serious telling off.

She coolly asked me what had happened and my 8 year brain sprung into high gear looking for a answer to get me out of trouble, that answer came in a micro second.

"Someone threw a muddy puddle at me mum!"
I only got away with it because she was laughing to hard to tell me off.


Eye see what you did ther
When I was young till about 7 I thought that I was supposed to marry my sister when I grew up. I didn't like the idea and made sure my parents knew.

I showed a magic trick to a boy and girl who had come from the US to my house. I told the boy how to do it, but I didn't tell the girl. When she asked why, I told her that she was a girl and she burst out crying.