Funny Basketball Shots & Dunks


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Here's a few funny basketball shots I found on YouTube. Feel free to add your own.

YouTube - Kobe: Unluckiest Missed Shot Ever! - Haha. The physics don't add up but who am I to argue with that happened. :D

YouTube - The Best Dunk Ever - Sometimes it's best not to show off if you don't have a good grip on the ball. That would have been funny if they ended up losing the game by a point.

YouTube - Dwight Howard Sticker Dunk - Dwight Howard in the 2007 dunk contest. Michael Jordan was one of the judges and he gave him a low score for this dunk too. Listen to the commentary. Charles Barkley didn't agree with Michael's decision lol! You have to admit this is a pretty unique dunk idea.

Howard got robbed in that contest too. YouTube - The Sticker Dunk Controversy



4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've seen more unlucky shots than that Kobe one.

The Howard sticker dunk was sick. He put the sticker so high up on the backboard. He was definitely shafted.