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Movies Funniest Person in Film


Who, in your opinion, currently holds the title of funniest person in film?


Do What Thou Wilt
Will Ferrell Hands down. Their has been no actor who can consistently make me Laugh out loud in every movie I've seen of his. The funniest movies I have ever seen have all starred will Ferrell. Step Brothers was arguably the funniest movie ever. Old School was the first adult comedy I've ever seen, and I must have seen it 15 times (an incredibly rare thing) and still laugh out loud. Not to mention his SNL work was comedy gold....


I'd say Will Ferrell as well, but I haven't seen him in anything funny in about 2 years.

Zack Galifianakis holds it currently for The Hangover alone - but he was also funny in a small role in Youth In Revolt.

And will surely retain the title with The Hangover 2.


Registered Member
I'll throw Will Ferrell with Chris Tucker in a close second.

Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'd watch it before work and after work, everyday for a couple of months straight. Good times.


Registered Member
Robin Williams. Hands down.

Will Ferrell's got some good stuff, but a lot of what he does is corny, slapstick, and/or middle school humor, which often doesn't do much for me.


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adam sandler, will ferrel, gene wilder, steve carrel, mr. bean, chris tucker, chris rock, the wayan bros. harrison ford, samuel jackson, joe pesci, robert deniro. etc.

so many people make me laugh.


Sally Twit
Jim Carrey. His facial expressions alone have had me laughing out loud. He's my favourite actor.


No Custom Title Exists
Jim Carrey for the same reasons as Bliss has stated, his work in Ace Ventura was absolute gold.