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Discussion in 'Anime' started by 007 Vegita, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. 007 Vegita

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    In DBZ you have to admit they do share their times when they could be funny. My favorite part would be in the GT movie with Goku Jr and Grandpa Goku...When Grandpa Goku says "Im you great great great..wait hwo many greats what that..well nevermind that just call me grandpa Goku!" man that cracks me up every time.LoL :)

  2. Vegito728

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    Lol ya that's a good one mine is where goten and trunks try to fuse and they get the fat one lol.
  3. I would have to say my favorite is where Piccolo and Goku take drivers training! It makes me laugh everytime!
  4. Henskie

    Henskie The Super Pimp of GF

    I would have to say when goku comes home and smashes Chi chi through the walls of the house by just patting her on the back
  5. 007 Vegita

    007 Vegita Guest

    yeah althoughs bring back some funny memories. Not many posts here but i was cracking up just reading them.LoL
  6. I think the funnisest 1 in dbz in the frieza saga when there all trying to hold back chi chi and dr briefs comes and says the ship is ready and the all give him the evil eye that cracks me up
  7. 007 Vegita

    007 Vegita Guest

  8. I like where they are all signing up for the tournament and they all go to the All-You-Eat Buffet. After the Saiyans have their fill Goku says "Whoever I fight in the first round PLEASE don't hit me in my gut!" and Vegeta Chimes in "If I fight Kakarot in the first round I'm gonna hit him in the gut!" It's the smallest piece in the world but it makes me laugh!
  9. Masakado

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    While they were fighting level 2 frieza Krillin was tellin him to kiss his arse or something lol. (where he taunted frieza)

    Also the "cat loves food" song by Yamcha... lol what a weirdo.

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