TV Funniest Commercial


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I've seen that one before pro2A. I forgot how funny it was. That's hilarious.

Was that on the superbowl?


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I can't remember what it was about, or what it was advertising. But it was the one where the woman calls the man a "biscuit-eating bulldog", and he goes, "What the French, Toast?!"

I thought it was hilarious.


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That was some funny commercials guys and I'd like to thank everyone for posting their personal favorite. I have a few that come up to mind when you talk about funny commercials but there's one that stands out the most. I'm sure everyone seen it before because it's a McDonalds commercial but not sure everyone finds it funny because it's a hockey one. I guess you have to be canadian to really appreciate it fully. You got to love that JC Petit lol

Enjoy everyone

YouTube - McDonalds Mini Goalie Sticks Commercial