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Funky Twitches


Do What Thou Wilt
I am having this annoying mother fucking twitch right now. right above my left knee, my leg keeps twitching like a mother fucker. Mind you, its not like a friggin tourettes thing. Its just this funky feeling muscle twitch, Is this normal? anyone else got it?


still nobody's bitch
it happens from time to time and isn't generally anything to be concerned about, but it is annoying.


Registered Member
This is a very common thing, although for individuals the location and frequency is variable to a high degree. I type extremely quickly and am on the keyboard at work a lot, and the phone; so my fingers will sometimes twitch quite a lot from that, and if anyone else is getting that, don't worry: it isn't any sort of serious disease as some websites will purport to warn you, in 99.9% of cases. It's mostly subconscious stress or muscle memory of some or other action.
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