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Fun with elements


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It must have taken a LONG time. Really complicating.

Another fun thing: put in 50 zombies, and burn them all quickly. Play a little game of burning them and trying not to let them hit the ground. Reminds me of video games.


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A few things bug me though. The salt doesn't disperse in the water like it should.. and neither does sand. Oil doesn't sink in the water, like it should...

How cool would it be if it was more realistic based on physics, and you had a stick tool to go in and stir things around a bit.


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Whoa, that WOULD be cool. Especially if they added Nitro-glycerin (or however you spell it). Hehehe... dump some zombies in a pot, and stir up some soup... Boy, I'm evil. This game is just too much fun with the ability to kill the zombies.


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I gave the game a shot and while I am not totally sure what I have to do here, I can't help but laugh at all the zombies. One of them I had just ended up upside down and was waving his legs in the air. They look so funny!

Wonder what plug in you need Vega? I'm running a mac and got it to work. Is your java all updated?


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I just discovered the best thing ever. Get two zombies close to each-other, and use the hand on both of them to bring them in the air. Then, wave them around a bit, and ta-da! You've got Dragonball Z! Make one fly through the air ramming into all the others, and you've got Neo killing Smiths in The Matrix.
Try making a box out of cera, then filling it completely with water. Make a plant in the middle and watch it spread. Then add some fire in the middle and watch that spread. It's great to watch the cera walls slowly crumble after the fire eats away at all of the plant.


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oh that is so mean.....iI was about to post about this. you can go to fallingsandgame.com or sumthing like that, and look at the forums. u can download the game, then dwnload dif elements too. i have things like ice, confetti, oilpumps, salt shakers, ice blowers, voids, miracle grow....its awesome!