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FullMetal Alchemist


New Member
FMA was a great Anime and It ended pretty sweet like. Come on Diffrent Reality SWEEEET;)


Ms. Malone
Wrath just upped and dissapeared but you see him again in the movie, interestingly enough he's the only homonculi that can age so he does look a bit older.

I've never been quite sure why he couldn't regenerate, perhaps it was because he had Ed's arm and leg-i'm sure someone else could tell you.


Likes snow
Who is your fave (human) character?

Roy Mustang

Who's your favorite homunculus?

Greed, followed by Envy and Gluttony

If you already have a philosopher's stone, would you bring back someone from life?

Yeah, but I'd have to take time to figure out who


Who is your fave (human) character?
Alphonse. He's adorable and amazing. Or perhaps... oh what was her name? The small child... Eliaza or something like that...

Who's your favorite homunculus?
Gluttony! He was ADORABLE! I started crying when he was all lost and looking for Lust...
and Wrath is amazing too.

What are your thoughts about the Law of Equivalent Exchange?
It makes sense, but I don't think it can be applied to everything.

If you already have a philosopher's stone, would you bring back someone from life?
I can't think of anyone who I would want brought back to life...

Thoughts on the ending and what the movie will be about?
I like the ending of the series. I have no seen the movie yet.


Fave human?
Winry Rockbell, and Roy Mustang tied

Fave homunculus?

Thought's on Equivalent Exchange?
It made sense, and made the series more interesting

Thought's on Ending?
I was disappointed with the ending. The idea of 2 worlds just ruined it for me.
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