Full Moon o Sagashite

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    Kouyama Mitsuki is a 12-year-old girl who loves to sing, and wants to become a singer someday partly because of a promise she made to a friend, Eichi-kun, who was leaving for America. Mitsuki promised that the next time they saw each other again, they would have fulfilled their dreams: he as an astronomer, she as a singer. Unfortunately, Mitsuki has a malignant tumor in her throat, making it impossible to sing or even talk loudly. And her grandmother forbids her to sing or even go outside. Yet still, Mitsuki lives with the hope that she will one day fulfill her dream.

    One day, two shinigami (gods of death) named Takuto and Meroko appear in Mitsuki's room, and tell her that she only has one year to live. At first, they disapprove of Mitsuki wanting to become an idol singer. However, Takuto is sympathetic, and transforms Mitsuki into a 16-year-old idol-wannabe...

    And so a young girl's journey begins.

    Content Rating: PG (some mature themes)

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    good series...love the songs...the drawings...don't like the ending though.. ------ shouldn't have gotten -------...just didn't seem right....

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