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Full Metal Alchemist


Well-Known Member
So I'm guessing that most of the members who watch anime or whoever is an anime buff, but I just wanted to ask if anyone noticed what I did about the anime. It seems like it was tightly connected to the church and all, even the main logo of Full Metal Alchemist had something from the Bible:

This symbol is closely related to the Bible version of the Serpents Cross, not to meniton the seven deadly sins are used in this anime which also came from the Bible. DId anyone else notice this?



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Lots of anime's are revolved around religion take Hellsing and Trinity Blood for example. Trinity revolves around the Vatican while Hellsing has to do with the Queen. I realized Full Metal was like that aswell, but because of it usually people always argue about the religion based stuff in it.

Yeah, being a member of an anime forum you can learn alot of things that you didn't know before about your favorite shows >.>


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Chrono Crusade was about nuns with guns.

Neon Genesis Evangelion had alot of religious symbols and names in it although the creators only used those symbols cuz they were mysterious to them and unique since there are few Christians in Japan.

Essentially they said everyone looked too much into it and they just used the stuff cuz it looked "cool".


A Darker Knight
Religion is an easy thing to incorporate, especially into complete fiction, like manga/anime.