Full arm tattooed


take a look at this:

Inked Culture: Mark Dupp sleeve tattoo on Rochelle Karidis

what do you think? Do you think this kind of tattoo looks good on a girl's arm?


i had a discussion about this on a musical forum and i said the girl is pretty but i dislike the full tattooed arm (especially in a girl)-it kinda looks heavy and vulgar.
another girl on the forum was offended by what i said. :shifteyes:
(did she had a reason,though)?


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I'm not into full sleeves. Especially on females. If that makes me sexist then so be it but I cant honestly say that I've ever seen a Sleeved Female that was attractive to me. Tattoos are cool, but theres a certain dedication, a message you send you when you go full sleeve. I'm not attracted to that message at all.


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Personally I really like tattoos, and I think on a particular person they can look really good. I think the tattoo looks really good on her. But then again, my next tattoo project is to get a half sleeve done.

I don't think it was wrong for you to say you didn't particularly like the tattoo, but I think it was wrong for the other girl to get offended. Sure, she can disagree, but at the end of the day, it's the internet and there is no point getting offended over something as little as that.
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I absolutely love it. I think it looks great on her, and it's one of the most tasteful sleeves I've seen.

But then again...I love tattoos. I plan on getting at least one more. However, due to the professional nature of my job, I wouldn't get any where they are visible at work.

I think it's her choice whether she wants to tattoo her body or not...I think it would be harsh to call her ugly, but not to say that you don't care for her tattoo.
I think it looks fabulous on her. I like that it's one repeated theme, rather than a bunch of individual ones squished together.


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There is nothing wrong with tattoos but the sleeves on females doesn't do it for me...

Honestly, I dont think it looks good on anybody but that's just me.


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lol before I get polarized... I think tattoos are awesome. I've wanted to do a large back piece on myself but have had financial issues that have prevented me from pursuing it.

However because I come from a business like atmosphere.... I have a certain respect for where tattoos are placed and in what manner. The Full Sleeve like I said sends a message. But its a to each is own thing, I know I've seen some bitchin Full Sleeves in my time, so i can definitely appreciate the art of it.


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I like tattoos but I don't think a full sleeve looks good on a woman. No matter what the design - it looks better on a bigger arm - a man's arm.